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We are passionate about helping people to make the right choices in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle change.

Warrington’s First Healthy Bistro

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In a culture where it’s difficult to distinguish one fast food outlet from another, Eat Clean Cuisine is here to offer people an innovative and healthy alternative to traditional takeaway food. When founder Myles Smethurst couldn’t find anywhere to get healthy options in a rush, he spied a unique opportunity which has since established him as the head chef at Warrington’s first healthy bistro.

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The Eat Clean Team

Meal Prep Experts Covering Runcorn, Wigan & St Helens

We now have a small, dedicated team who are passionate about helping people to make the right choices in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle change.

Let’s introduce you to our chefs.

Myles Smethurst

Myles has been a chef for over 17 years and trained with Paul Heathcote, Gary Rhodes, Marco Pierre White and The Juniper 1 Star. Prior to opening Eat Clean Cuisine’s first site in 2016, Myles spent the previous 5 years as a private chef serving the likes of Michael Owen, Michael Jordan, Andrew Cole, Lee Westwood, James Milner, Darren Fletcher, Ronan Keating and The Arctic Monkeys to name just a few.

Jenni Howard

Jenni’s experience as a chef spans over 12 years, in which time she has worked in Guernsey at a Michelin starred hotel and La Bohemian in Lymm which, at the time, held two prestigious rosettes. 

Jenni has been training for around five years; she started powerlifting in 2015 and has already secured 3rd place at the British Championships, 2nd place at the European Championships and she is set to compete at the World Championships in November 2016. Jenni also holds the record for the strongest bench press in England for her weight class.  

Together, Myles and Jenni have worked in partnership with professional boxer Martin Murray who fights at super-middleweight. 

Lifestyle Change

If you are considering a lifestyle change which targets your eating habits, we are happy to guide you and offer health advice and meal plans. The intent behind our advice is to help boost your metabolism; to do this, it’s important to make sure you eat little and often. We have worked with clients who have adopted a one meal a day policy, which is something we discourage. Our goal is to make you look and feel great and we do this by offering convenient, tasty meals which won’t leave you feeling hungry. Get in touch today to discover more.


We offer a range of delicious prep meals** which are tailored to your individual needs. So whether you are looking to lose, maintain or gain weight, or simply choose clean, appetising food, you can do so quickly and easily with Eat Clean Cuisine. Our prep meals can be delivered across the UK in our innovative, recyclable insulated boxes.

Each box contains the raw ingredients and instructions on how to cook the meals yourself. Our temperature-controlled boxes keep meals fresh for 48 hours, guaranteeing your meals arrive chilled, not frozen, and in perfect condition.
**Not all products use nuts; however, nuts are present in the preparation area.


Build a Box


From breakfast and soups to smoothies and build-your-own protein boxes, there’s something to suit everybody at our Eat Clean Cuisine's outlet in Latchford; so why not give us a try? Eating well never tasted so good. 

Whether you’re looking to treat the family tonight or discover a new lunchtime favourite, a visit to Eat Clean Cuisine is a must.

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